Interview Questions and Answers

What are Interview Questions and Answers. 2020

Friends today in this article, What are Interview Questions and Answers, job interview questions, and most important tricks to crack any job interview will be covered. What are Interview Questions and Answers for this we will tell you the top 10 questions about a job?

What are Interview Questions and Answers

Friends, Common interview questions & job interview questions are in this article. Mostly we will tell you about jobs  Common interview questions.

What are Interview Questions and Answers
What are Interview Questions and Answers?

These are the common interview questions.

Q.1 Tell me about yourself?

Q.2 What are your strengths?

Q.3 What is your weakness?

Q.4 Where do you see yourself in the upcoming five years?

Q.5 Why should We give you this job?

Q.6 Why do you want to leave your current job?

Q.7 Why do you want to join our company?

Q.8 How do you handle work pressure & stress?

Q.9 What are your salary expectations?

Q.10 Do you have any questions?

Answers of all common interview questions.

Question number 01 is the very most common interview question for job & personnel.

A.1 If you are Freshers then you can tell me about your regular introduction. And if you are an experience holder then you should start with your profession,

there is no need to tell them about your family or background. If they are asking.you can tell them.

A.2 We all know about our strengths. Here we have to tell them the strength that can help to motivate yourself at your working place.

Actually the purpose of the question is not about to know your real strength. It is about your professional strength. So here you can say, I have a team working strength.

A.3 We all know about our weaknesses. Here we have to tell them the weakness that should not appear in terms of working style or professional.

Actually the purpose of the question is not about to know your real weakness. So here you can say” I can stay more than others at the office.

A.4 This is your personal life’s question. You can answer whatever in your mind. As a guideline, I will suggest to you the answer to the question is,

I want to become a member of this company and use my skills for better improvement & achieve a respective position. Here you can also tell me about your goals & dreams.

A.5 This is also so interesting question which checked your interest in the company.
Friends due to some google issue, I cant write the answer to this question of this Q. Kindly read my another article which have the same answer https://howtoaware.com/how_to_crack_interview/

A.6 Mostly candidates do answer of this most common interview question in this way, Sir I want to increase my personal and professional growth.

It is not a bad answer yes you can say this. Here I have another answer to this question that you can use in your interview.” Sir, I am not leaving my current job,

Just I want to fill your company vacancy with my job profile that is to good for the same.& There is no doubt about personal growth, everyone wants to grow.

A.7 I want to join your company to use my skills & power to increase your productivity & quality. It is my pleasure to join your company & use my experience in your company.

These are two answers that can tell them.

A.8 Friends sorry to say, I am unable to give you the answer to this question in this article due to some technical issues.

A.9 We all want to increase our salary & job change is the best option to increased your salary in high volume. But here you can’t say ” I want to increase my salary”

it might be the wrong answer to this question or bad impact of your image. So for this, You can tell” sir I have no issue about sailing you can increase as per your company norms.

And I want to know no what is your names and how much you can increase my selling in respect of the current salary. Then you can check how much they are increasing your salary.

if it is appropriate to acceptance then you can accept revise you can discuss more the same. Every company wants to pay low as much as they can.

What we have to ensure and check the facilities of this company and compare it with the current company which is better you can choose.What are Interview Questions and Answers

The most important question for experienced employees is 10 numbers.

A. The answer to this question will be the final impact on you. So I have a good answer to this question,

you can say Sir there are two reasons to switch from any job or company.

One is the expectation of the company by the candidate are full filling or not.”

Second is the expectations of the candidate by the company or fulfilling or not. If both are maintained I will not leave your company.

common interview questions

The best tips to crack the interview.

Friends, an interview there is no such thing as a written exam which can be passed by luck.

In this, we have to show our talent to our interviewer and it is not the talent that you use while studying or while working.

Today we will talk about this talent, what is the talent that will help you in purchasing the interview and you will be able to take your favorite one.

Perhaps you have to find the solution to the same question on many other sides before this.

But we promise you that if you follow the rules given by us then you can definitely crack any interview.

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There are the best interview tips & tricks mentioned below:

Maintain your setting position

This is the first rule of this great opportunity that you have to crack, I mean your interview.

Friends We all know the first impression is the last impression.

So you have to maintain your set position while you are in front of the interviewer, Do not lose your body & your hand should be in a good position where you can stay better.

Herewith I have attached a setting position picture for your reference.

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Be Positive

You have to be positive, there should be no negative thoughts in your mind during the time of the interview.

This will reduce the focus of your mind, which may prove to be wrong for you during an interview.

So stay positive and forget the result and attend the interview.

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Have confidence

Confidence is the one that while answering the interviewer’s questions, the interviewer will remind you that you are a person who is accurate on one thing, you never go away from your point.

It has often been seen that people change their things very quickly so that their image has a bad effect. If you maintain your confidence.

So it proves that you will do what you say, it also shows your interest in working, so whatever you say, say with confidence, do not change your words in the time of the interview, whatever comes out of your mouth.

Girl full form

Have eye contact

It is also important to keep in mind during the interview that your eye contact should be from the interviewer with a slight face smile.

This will allow you to concentrate and know your interest. Which is an important thing to be seen by an interviewer?

So at the time of the interview, you should keep your content from the interviewer

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Ask the common interview questions

When the interview is almost complete, .then you ask that you want to ask a question. Please say that And ask such a question.

Which is similar to your work and company profile. Here I tell you two questions that you can ask during the interview.

Ok full form

You can ask about these two common interview questions.

1. Sir, how does your appraisal system work here? Or What are your criteria for increment?

2. What is the daily production rate of ( use our replace of you)our company?

So friends if you will follow the above all four-point carefully at the time of interview.
The most important Common interview questions will be very easy for you.


We shall hope that What are Interview Questions and Answers? The question has been solved. Now you can crack any interview.  if you have any doubts about What are Interview Questions and Answers? Feel free to ask more queries and challenges that you have faced in an interview. I have answered two questions in my first article. You can read them.

Still, if you have any doubts about any What are Interview Questions and Answers.? Comments us

All the very best & Happy reading!

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