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Top 20 interview questions and answers for fresher.

Interview questions and answers for fresher.Top 20 questions and answers.

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Interview questions and answers for freshers, How to Crack Interview in First Attempt 2020

Now you are thinking that why I have written almost the same question above. Yes, I have mentioned it again because. All types of questions are searching on google by candidates. So sorry for the inconvenience. Now let’s start the main topic in this article.

The question which we will cover in this article.

Friend, I have divided all 20 questions into two parts, one is Common interview questions and answers. Second HR interview questions and answers.

First top 10 interview questions and answers.

Q.1 Tell me about yourself?

Q.2 What are your strengths?

Q.3 What is your weakness?

Q.4 Where do you see yourself in the upcoming five years?

Q.5 Why should We give you this job?

Q.6 Why do you want to leave your current job?

Q.7 Why do you want to join our company?

Q.8 How do you handle work pressure & stress?

Q.9 What are your salary expectations?

Q.10 When you will leave our company&How long can you work in our company?

Second top 10 HR interview questions and answers.

Q.11Tell me about your achievement?

Q.12 What do you look for in a job?

Q.13 What is your career goal. Long term and short term goal.
Q.14. Give us an example of your initiative and leadership skills?
Q.15 What challenges you faced as a student and how you handle them.
Q.16. Tell us about your college and why you choose it.
Q.17. what if I say what you are rejected?

Q.18. Tell me about the mistake you learned from?

Q.19 Did you done something in a safe environment and health-related to your organization?

Q.20 What kind of people you find difficult to work with?

The answer to all 20 questions

A.1 If you are Freshers then you can tell about your regular introduction. And if you are an experience holder then you should start with your profession,

there is no need to tell them about your family or background. If they are can tell them.

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A.2 We all know about our strengths. Here we have to tell them the strength that can help to motivate yourself at your working place.

Actually the purpose of the question is not about to know your real strength. It is about your professional strength. So here you can say, I have a team working strength.


A.3 We all know about our weaknesses. Here we have to tell them the weakness that should not appear in terms of working style or professional.

Actually the purpose of the question is not about to know your real weakness. So here you can say” I can stay more than others at the office.


A.4 This is your personal life’s question. You can answer whatever in your mind. As a guideline, I will suggest to you the answer to the question is,

I want to become a member of this company and use my skills for better improvement & achieve a respective position. Here you can also tell about your goals & dreams.

A.5  This is also so interesting question which checked your interest in the company. I have experienced the same as you mention in your requirement list. I am perfect for this job.

A.6 Mostly candidates do answer this question in this way, Sir I want to increase my personal and professional growth.

this is not a poor answer yes you can say this. Here I have another answer to this question that you can use in your interview.” Sir, I am not leaving my current job,

Just I want to fill your company vacancy with my job profile that is to good for the same.& There is no doubt about personal growth, everyone wants to grow.

A.7 I want to join your company to use my skills & power to increase your productivity & quality. It is my pleasure to join your company & use my experience in your company.

These are two answers that can tell them.

A.8 Work pressure and the street are common to think of every candidate, But most of us unable to handle it. We are ready to fight with HR/boss.

That why HR/boss asking this question. The answer is, I have a positive attitude which helps me in such condition, I have faced many cases, I have handled all with having a face smile.

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A.9 We all want to increase our salary,& job change is the best option to increased your salary in high volume. But here you can’t say ” I want to increase my salary”

it might be the wrong answer to this question or bad impact of your image. So for this, You can tell” sir I have no issue about sailing you can increase as per your company norms.

And I want to know no what is your names and how much you can increase my selling in respect of the current salary. Then you can check how much they are increasing your salary.

if it is appropriate to acceptance then you can accept revise you can discuss more the same. Every company wants to pay low as much as they can.

What we have to ensure and check the facilities of this company and compare it with the current company which is better you can choose.

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A.10 Answer to this question will be the final impact on you. So I have a good answer to this question,

you can repay in such a way” There are two reasons to quit any jobs/company.

One is the expectation of the company by the candidate are full filling or not.”

Second is the expectations of the candidate by the company or fulfilling or not. If both are maintained I will not leave your company.

HR interview questions’ answers.

A.11 We all know what happens in our life. But it comes to the story related to your professor. So we should really tell about such achievements which we have done. If you are an experienced candidate, then tell me what you did in your current company.

A.12 Teamwork and equality, Look for challenges that can bring the best photography and school to gain knowledge which enables me to advance in my career path.

A.13 I know, If you want to do continue your job in the same sector which is you are at this time. Defiantly the answer to his question is available with you. If you don’t have, Do not worry, The answer is, I want to become a plant head of a valuable company,(Long term goal). I want to become all-rounder of any plant in terms of Safety, Quality Production, And maintenance, etc.(Short term goal). It will show, How you are flexible for any department.

A.14 See If you were in college that time many programs being done by collages. You can explain your contribution as a leader in any program. Which is going to in bad direction, But you have corrected it. The same answer will be for an experienced candidate.

A.15 Question 14 ‘s answer is almost the same for this question. Meanwhile, you can also repay in this way, I was very weak in math, but I changed my weakness into opportunity, I had to take this subject for a long time and in the last, I got a 90% number in math. You can change the subject name as per your wish.

A.16 This means that how do you think about an organization? You have to answer this in a positive way only, even if your condition is bad. You have to find the good.

A17. Though I prepared well and perform my level best if I am rejected I will try to see the percentage of learning benefited I will never late and improve myself for the to make myself worth for position like this

A.18 While compiling one of our project reports in college I assume and misunderstood the instruction of my team leader which lead to a delay in the competition so to avoid any time any and energy waste in the future I took a lesson that instant of assuming it is always better to ask the question and clearly.

A.19 Friends, today every company wants to do more work on safety and the environment. This is all in keeping with the rules of the government. So you should think about whether your company has done something good about all these.
You can answer it by taking full information about it. Every attachment to this question is in anything other than the job, it checks

A.20 Though, I am flexible with all sorts of people as I believe everyone has his or her own way of perceiving things. At times people who you do not stay with their commitments are tough to deal with but I always try to find ways to ensure that deadlines are made without any personal this agreement.


Friends, Some questions answer should become by your heart feeling. Actually the propose of asking  personal questions in an interview is how do you react?

if Until you have a doubt you can write to us on below comment box. We will solve all queries. That you will ask…….!

happy reading, Keep in touch!




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