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How to get job in amazon.Job in India 2020

How to get a job in amazon? A career in Amazon. Job Category:2020

Friends, Everyone’ wants to do a job in a big company. But due to a lack of information, sometimes jobs are not able to get a job.
So today we will tell you about, How you can get a job in Amazon, how you can make your career in Amazon. Is there a job category in Amazon? Work from home jobs in Amazon. The way to make a career in Amazon? Job category in Amazon? What is the business category in Amazon?

Career in Amazon

A career in Amazon is the best option at this time. When was launched in 1995, its mission was to be Earth. Where Customers Want Anything Online at Lowest Price
Amazon is a world largest E-commerce company that is providing home delivery services for everything in India, USA, and many more European countries.
Amazon has started online shopping first by Shirt selling in the USA. Now, we all know where the company stands. So as per the company growth rate, you can make a career in amazon. Your career in Amazon will be right for the time being. Follow the steps given below to become a career in Amazon.

1. Go to Amazon career page use this link

Now you will get this type of display on your screen.

In job search bar, you can fill your interested job name &in location bar Location. You will find like below pic display on your screen.

Job in Amazon
Job in amazon

When you filled job 7 location Collom, Now you will get

Job in amazon
Career in amazon

Now click on the job which I have marked by an arrow . After that, your display will be like as below pic.

There is a description of the job, Which you have to apply, click on Apply Now Next page will be

Career in Amazon
Career in Amazon

Here you can create an account. If you have already an Amazon account, you don’t need to recreate, You can fill your email address. And apply for a job in amazon. 

Job category in Amazon

There many job categories in Amazon. We have

  1. Administration support
  2. Audio-video and photography production
  3. Business intelligence
  4. Business and Marchant development
  5. Customer service
  6. Buying purchasing and Instock management.
  7. Data Science
  8. Economy
  9. Design
  10. Editorial writing and content management
  11. Facility maintenance and real estate
  12. Finance and accounting
  13. Fulfillment and operation management
  14. Hardware development
  15. Human resource
  16. Investigation and loss prevention
  17. Leadership development and training
  18. Legal
  19. Machine learning science
  20. Marketing and PR
  21. Medical health and safety
  22. Operation IT and support engineering
  23. Product/project/ program management – Non- technical
  24. Product/project/ program management – technical
  25. Public policy
  26. Public policy
  27. Sales advertising and account management
  28. Software development
  29. Supply chain management
  30. Warehouse and shopper

Works from home jobs.

Amazon offers to work from home, you can work at Amazon from home. You can become an Amazon Business Associate from your home in any village town city-state of India without investing money, whether you are 10th pass, you are a student, a housewife, do a job or do business without investing a penny. You can become an associate of Amazon company, you will not even need to be able to do all the work from a mobile phone.


 Top 10 ways to get a job

1. Make your resume and cover letter to match the job role.

2. Make use of job boards.
3. Use Social and professional networking.
4.Contact with Jobs consultant
5. Campus placement and career events
6. Use the Company career page.
7. Keep in touch with your seniors(For job referral)
8.Wake-in interview.
9. Send e-mails.
10. Keep on revisions.

1. Make your resume and cover letter to match the job role.

A cover letter is a tool to help you present yourself in a memorable, personal way during a job application. A well-crafted cover letter goes over the information of your resume and provides the reader with this Expands information, taking them on a guided journey of some of your best careers and life achievements. When starting to write any cover letter, it is always best to plan the content of your letter based on the requirements considered when applying for a job. This guide will cover The essential elements of a successful cover letter, a How to write a unique cover letter, what to include in cover letters, what not to include, and how you should present your cover letter.

read more

  1. Introduce your self
  2. Profession Key Sill
  3. Academic Qualifications
  4. Professional Qualifications
  5. Computer Skills
  6. Professional Experience (If you have)
  7. Strengths
  8. Personal Details.

2. Make use of job boards.

Recruitment is limited and companies need to be able to spend their resources where they make the most sense. Search job boards that bring you the most qualified applicants, because investing in them will give you a higher return on investment. How to get the best job boards for your jobs:

Try popular job boards.  Big, popular job boards are bound to attract many qualified applicants. Advertise on CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed or Monster and see which qualified applicants bring in the most.

Find a niche job board. Niche job boards are specialized in an industry or business function. If you are regularly hiring salespersons, So job boards like will help you target your job posting. Likewise, posting on local job boards, such as those in the NexTex (formerly Beyond) network, helps you reach candidates who stay close to your business.

There are some most viewed video regarding a career in Amazon, Work from home, Part-time job in Amazon 





A part-time job in Amazon is also a good option. As this is an E-commerce, Where you can work online for amazon at your home, Or go to the office for part-time.


Make an account on Amazon to search for a job. You can use your phone to work online at amazon.

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