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How to Grow Indian Economy by Your Contribution

How to grow Indian economy after COVID-19 Pandemic 2020.

Indian economy was already not increasing as needed. After Covid-19 Indian economy is suffering trouble in 2020.

To know, How to grow the Indian economy after COVID-19 Pandemic, read this amazing article. In this article I have shared some ideas that how to grow The Indian economy by your contribution.

About Indian Economy :

Friends, We all know, everything depends on awareness. If you have awareness about anything, you can do it. If you don’t have one, you can’t do it.

Today in this article We will tell you the most important think about the reason of the Indian lower economy. Why India is not growing as China and the USA growing.

In this article you will know, how you can your contributes without any payments for the Indian economy. If you really want to know, please read the full article carefully.

How to grow the Indian economy by your contribution.

Before this article, you must have read many article above the same topics, but there you will be surprised to know that what are the real factors of contribution.

There is no need that you are your doing job or you are doing your self business you can contribute if you are a student it for a farmer, or you are an uneducated person.

Every Indian can contribute. First of all we will tell you the “top five economist country in the world.” These are contributing 55% of the world economy.

Economy of USA

How to Grow Indian Economy by Your Contribution
The USA has world’s largest economic with a nominal GDP $21.44 trillion. Which is the one fourth of the world economy.

The USA is primarily a service oriented with a 75% contribution of GDP.

Economy of China

How to Grow Indian Economy by Your Contribution

China has the world’s second-largest economy. And the fastest-growing economy of the world.

With a GDP $14.14 trillion in 2019. This is also the world largest population country of the world.

Economy of Japan

How to Grow Indian Economy by Your Contribution
Japan has world third largest economy of the world.With a nominal nominal GDP $ 6 trillion (approx).

The financial crisis of 2008-2009 took a toll on Japanese economy. It was only major advanced economy that experienced negative economy growth in 2008 and continued to contract sharply in 2009.

Economy of Germany

With a GDP rate of $3.68. Germany has world’s fourth largest economy of the world.

The world bank estimates that approximately 46% of this country’s economy depend on exportgoods and services.

Economy of India

How to Grow Indian Economy by Your Contribution
India has the five largest economic country of the world.

With a nominal a GDP rate of 2.94 in 2019.

What are the factors that can effects economy growth.

These are six factors that can effects.

    • Natural resources.

    • Technology.

    • Law.

    • Population.

    • Physical capital and infrastructure

    • Human capital.



In the above factors we will only discuss about two major factors.

Natural resources to Grow Indian Economy

This is the major factor of many countries which is the mean source of income ( economy).

The discovery of more natural resource like Oil or mineral deposits may boost economic growth as this shifts or increase the countries production possibility curve.

Some of major resources are land , forests, water & natural gas. Now it depends on us which things we should use the most and which things we should use in the limit.

The national resources we purchase should at least use them and contribute to saving the economy of our country.we all know that Saudi Arabia is the country that depend on only on natural source which is Oil.

We have to think that what we can export to others countries. I have told you there is no need of your education your job and your business to grow our country’s economy.

Population role in growing India Economy

This is the major and most important factor which I will consider and request you to follow it and tell all the members who are in touch you for following.

Now question comes in our mind, how population can contribute while India is second largest population country in the world with a lower literacy.

Before going to populations, I want to tell you about populations of China, China has world largest population, and they are not using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter Amazon & show on.
They have our social media app like this.
WeChat:- All-in-one social media in China.

Zhihu:- This is the Quora of China

Toudou youko:- YouTube of China

Douban:- Lifestyle discussing platform

Tencent QQ:- Popular instant managing app

Sina weibo:- Twitter of China

Momo:- Tinder of China

UC browser:- Google of Chusana

Tik Tok : Likee of Chiana

Alibaba:- Amazon of Chaina

Now you can think about it. If I am not using your material how you can pay with me, what they are doing, they are not using other countries’ app which can earn with them.

Can we don’t do this? Yes we can do, That is what I want to tell all of you wheatear you are uneducated or educated. Use our Indian app ( Many of India celebrities told us to use Swadeshi to save our country and save our money).

Here I will tell you about the “Indian social media app” that you can choose.

1. Hike Messenger

India’s most successful social media app Hike is available on all downloaded app.Give the reference to your colleague for this app so that they can contribute.

This app has 8 Indian languages (हिंदी मलयालम तेलुगु बंगाली मराठी गुजराती तमिल और कनाडा). Here you can be chatting, voice chatting and video calling, etc.

2. Tinder

Tinder is not a complete Indian app but one of developer is Indian. Tinder can be linked with your Instagram & Spotify.

Use this application if you want to do this activity that it’s allow.


This is a news application here you can read about daily updates on news. This can help you to grow your knowledge daily. As this is the time we have we have to update to everything this is the best Indian app that can help you.

4. Splits bills

My share plus:- This is also an Indian app where you can Splits bill to your friend easily without any hassle when they are going out for dinner, Vacation or trip ( long tour). It is available in the play store and ISO.

5. Choose Indian things to grow Indian Economy

After social media, there is a lot of things which can also contribute to our economy, which is not in our knowledge and We are not aware of them.

We will also tell you what are the things that you can choose in the place of other countries. Thinks like food items, Daily uses items & transformation and show on.

Food items

Daily we are eating many food items like tea coffee snakes etc. In which you can choose Indian brand.

( We will not force you to request to you that you have to use it because you are Indian it depends on you whether you have to use audio you have to no dues).

Just we can say u r a great Indian and you can think about it and think about how can your little contribution can affect our economics.

Daily uses items

We are using many items daily like toothpaste, shop, washing, powder cloths& oil etc. Which is also the part of any country’s economy. In this you can also contribute to choose Swadeshi items.

There are in market best items available of Indian brands.

Online Shopping

At this time this is very a trading all over the world. We all know about Amazon which is the largest online shopping station and the honor of Amazon is the richest man in the world.

while he has not a single manufacturing plant of any items that they are selling online. For this We have also many Indian online shopping stations which you can choose & contribute your efforts for growing our Indian economy.

If you like this article please give your valuable feedback & feel free to write us to awareness in terms of education.

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